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Leviticus 17:13-15 Expanded Bible (EXB)

13 “‘If any ·citizen [L of the sons/T children] of Israel or ·foreigner living among you [resident alien] ·catches [hunts] a wild animal or bird that can be eaten, that person must pour the blood on the ground and cover it with dirt. 14 If blood is still in the ·meat [flesh], the animal’s life is still in it. So I give this command to the ·people [L sons; children] of Israel: “Don’t eat ·meat [flesh] that still has blood in it, because the animal’s life is in its blood. Anyone who eats blood must be cut off [3:17].”

15 “‘If a person, either a ·citizen [native] or a ·foreigner [resident alien], eats an animal that died by itself or was killed by another animal, he must wash his clothes and bathe in water. He will be unclean [C in a ritual sense] until evening; then he will be clean.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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