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Leviticus 27:18-20 New Century Version (NCV)

18 But if the person gives the field after the Jubilee, the priest must decide the exact price by counting the number of years to the next year of Jubilee. Then he will subtract that number from its value. 19 If the person who gave the field wants to buy it back, one-fifth must be added to that price, and the field will belong to the first owner again.

20 “‘If the person does not buy back the field, or if it is sold to someone else, the first person cannot ever buy it back.

New Century Version (NCV)

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Leviticus 27:18-20 New International Version (NIV)

18 But if they dedicate a field after the Jubilee, the priest will determine the value according to the number of years that remain until the next Year of Jubilee, and its set value will be reduced. 19 If the one who dedicates the field wishes to redeem it, they must add a fifth to its value, and the field will again become theirs. 20 If, however, they do not redeem the field, or if they have sold it to someone else, it can never be redeemed.

New International Version (NIV)

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