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Leviticus 27:12-14 New English Translation (NET Bible)

12 and the priest will establish its conversion value,[a] whether good or bad. According to the conversion value assessed by the priest, thus it will be. 13 If, however, the person who made the vow redeems the animal,[b] he must add one-fifth to[c] its conversion value.

Redemption of Houses Given as Votive Offerings

14 “‘If a man consecrates his house as holy to the Lord, the priest will establish its conversion value, whether good or bad. Just as the priest establishes its conversion value, thus it will stand.[d]


  1. Leviticus 27:12 tn Heb “and the priest shall cause it to be valued.” See the note on v. 8 above.
  2. Leviticus 27:13 tn Heb “And if redeeming [infinitive absolute] he redeems it [finite verb].” For the infinitive absolute used to highlight contrast rather than emphasis see GKC 343 §113.p. The referent of “he” (the person who made the vow) and “it” (the animal) have both been specified in the translation for clarity.
  3. Leviticus 27:13 tn Heb “on,” meaning “on top of, in addition to” (likewise in v. 15).
  4. Leviticus 27:14 tn The expression “it shall stand” may be a technical term for “it shall be legally valid”; cf. NLT “assessment will be final.”
New English Translation (NET)

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