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Leviticus 7 New Life Version (NLV)

The Law of the Guilt Gift

‘This is the Law of the guilt gift. It is most holy. They are to kill the guilt gift in the place where they kill the burnt gift. And the religious leader should put its blood around on the altar. Then he will give all its fat, the fat tail, the fat that covers the inside parts, the two kidneys with the fat that is on them, and the part that is on the liver which he will take away with the kidneys. The religious leader will burn them on the altar as a gift by fire to the Lord. It is a guilt gift. Every male among the religious leaders may eat of it. It will be eaten in a holy place. It is most holy. The guilt gift is like the sin gift. There is one Law for them. It belongs to the religious leader who pays the price for sin with it. And the religious leader who gives any man’s burnt gift will keep for himself the skin of the burnt gift he has given. Every grain gift that is baked in a stove and everything that is cooked in a pot or on top of a stove will belong to the religious leader who gives it. 10 And every grain gift, mixed with oil or dry, will belong to all the sons of Aaron, to all the same.

The Law of the Peace Gift

11 ‘This is the Law of giving peace gifts in worship to the Lord. 12 If he gives it because he is thankful, then with the thank gift he will give bread mixed with oil and without yeast, hard bread spread with oil and without yeast, and loaves of fine flour well mixed with oil. 13 With loaves of bread with yeast he will give his thank gift with the peace gifts. 14 Out of each gift he will give a part as a gift to the Lord. It will belong to the religious leader who puts the blood on the peace gifts.

15 ‘The flesh of the thank gift, given as a peace gift, will be eaten on the day it is given. None of it is to be left until morning. 16 But if his gift is for a promise or is given only because he wants to give it, it will be eaten the same day he gives his gift. And whatever is left may be eaten the next day. 17 But what is left of the flesh of the gift until the third day will be burned with fire. 18 If any of the flesh of his gift is eaten on the third day, then the one who brought it will not be received and it will not do him any good. It will be a sin. And the person who eats of it must suffer for his own sin.

19 ‘The flesh that touches anything that is unclean must not be eaten. It will be burned with fire. Anyone who is clean may eat other flesh. 20 But the person who is unclean, who eats the flesh of the peace gifts which belong to the Lord, will be kept away from his people. 21 And a person will be kept away from his people when he touches anything that is unclean, a human, animal or thing that is unclean, and then eats of the flesh of the peace gifts that belong to the Lord.’”

Fat and Blood Not to Be Eaten

22 The Lord said to Moses, 23 “Say to the people of Israel, ‘Do not eat any fat from a bull, sheep or goat. 24 The fat of an animal that dies, and the fat of an animal torn by wild animals, may be used in other ways. But for sure you must not eat it. 25 For whoever eats the fat of the animal from which a gift is given by fire to the Lord will be kept away from his people. 26 Do not eat any blood, of bird or animal, in any of your houses. 27 Whoever eats any blood will be kept away from his people.’”

The Part for Aaron and His Sons

28 The Lord said to Moses, 29 “Say to the people of Israel, ‘Whoever gives his peace gift to the Lord will bring a part of it as a special gift to the Lord. 30 With his own hands he will bring the gift given to the Lord by fire. He will bring the fat with the breast so the breast may be given as a wave gift before the Lord. 31 The religious leader will burn the fat on the altar. But the breast will belong to Aaron and his sons. 32 And you will give the right thigh to the religious leader as his part of your peace gift. 33 The son of Aaron who gives the blood and the fat of the peace gift will have the right thigh for his share. 34 For I have taken the breast of the wave gift and the right thigh out of the peace gifts given by the people of Israel. And I have given them to Aaron the religious leader and to his sons as their share forever from the people of Israel.

35 ‘This is the share for Aaron and his sons from the gifts made by fire to the Lord. It was set apart for them on the day they were set apart to work as religious leaders for the Lord. 36 The Lord said that this should be given to them by the people of Israel on the day they were set apart. It is their share forever.’”

37 This is the Law of the burnt gift, the grain gift, the sin gift, the guilt gift, the gift when the religious leader is set apart for the Lord’s work, and the peace gift. 38 The Lord gave this Law to Moses on Mount Sinai on the day that He told the people of Israel to give their gifts to the Lord in the Desert of Sinai.

New Life Version (NLV)

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