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Mark 12:11-13 New English Translation (NET Bible)

11 This is from the Lord, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?”[a]

12 Now[b] they wanted to arrest him (but they feared the crowd), because they realized that he told this parable against them. So[c] they left him and went away.[d]

Paying Taxes to Caesar

13 Then[e] they sent some of the Pharisees[f] and Herodians[g] to trap him with his own words.[h]


  1. Mark 12:11 sn A quotation from Ps 118:22-23.
  2. Mark 12:12 tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “now” to introduce a somewhat parenthetical remark by the author.
  3. Mark 12:12 tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “so” to indicate the implied result of previous action(s) in the narrative.
  4. Mark 12:12 sn The point of the parable in Mark 12:1-12 is that the leaders of the nation have been rejected by God and the vineyard (v. 9, referring to the nation and its privileged status) will be taken from them and given to others (an allusion to the Gentiles).
  5. Mark 12:13 tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “then” to indicate the implied sequence of events within the narrative.
  6. Mark 12:13 sn See the note on Pharisees in 2:16.
  7. Mark 12:13 sn Pharisees and Herodians made a very interesting alliance. W. W. Wessel (“Mark,” EBC 8:733) comments: “The Herodians were as obnoxious to the Pharisees on political grounds as the Sadducees were on theological grounds. Yet the two groups united in their opposition to Jesus. Collaboration in wickedness, as well as goodness, has great power. Their purpose was to trip Jesus up in his words so that he would lose the support of the people, leaving the way open for them to destroy him.” See also the note on “Herodians” in Mark 3:6.
  8. Mark 12:13 tn Grk “trap him in word.”
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