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Micah 4:6-8 New English Translation (NET Bible)

Restoration Will Follow Crisis

“In that day,” says the Lord, “I will gather the lame
and assemble the outcasts whom I injured.[a]
I will transform the lame into the nucleus of a new nation,[b]
and those far off[c] into a mighty nation.
The Lord will reign over them on Mount Zion,
from that day forward and forevermore.[d]
As for you, watchtower for the flock,[e]
fortress of Daughter Zion[f]
your former dominion will be restored,[g]
the sovereignty that belongs to Daughter Jerusalem.”


  1. Micah 4:6 sn The exiles of the nation are compared to lame and injured sheep.
  2. Micah 4:7 tn Heb “make the lame into a remnant.”
  3. Micah 4:7 tn The precise meaning of this difficult form is uncertain. The present translation assumes the form is a Niphal participle of an otherwise unattested denominative verb הָלָא (halaʾ, “to be far off”; see BDB 229 s.v.), but attractive emendations include הַנַּחֲלָה (hannakhalah, “the sick one[s]”) from חָלָה (khalah) and הַנִּלְאָה (hannilʾah, “the weary one[s]”) from לָאָה (laʾah).
  4. Micah 4:7 tn Heb “from now until forever.”
  5. Micah 4:8 tn Heb “Migdal Eder.” Some English versions transliterate this phrase, apparently because they view it as a place name (cf. NAB).
  6. Micah 4:8 sn The city of David, located within Jerusalem, is addressed as Daughter Zion. As the home of the Davidic king, who was Israel’s shepherd (Ps 78:70-72), the royal citadel could be viewed metaphorically as the watchtower of the flock.
  7. Micah 4:8 tn Heb “to you it will come, the former dominion will arrive.”
New English Translation (NET)

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