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Nahum 1:14-15 International Standard Version (ISV)

14 Now this is what the Lord has decreed about you, Nineveh:[a]
    “There will be no more children born[b] to carry on your name.
I will cut out the graven and molten images from the temples of your gods.
    I myself will dig your grave,
        because you are vile.”

The Sure and Certain Deliverance of Judah

15 [c]Look! There on the mountains!
    The feet of the one who brings good news,
        who broadcasts a message of peace.
Judah, celebrate your solemn festivals
    and keep your vows,
because the wicked will never again invade you.
    Nineveh[d] will be[e] completely eliminated!


  1. Nahum 1:14 The Heb. lacks Nineveh
  2. Nahum 1:14 Lit. sown
  3. Nahum 1:15 This verse is 2:1 in MT
  4. Nahum 1:15 Lit. It
  5. Nahum 1:15 Or has been
International Standard Version (ISV)

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Nahum 1:14-15 New International Version (NIV)

14 The Lord has given a command concerning you, Nineveh:
    “You will have no descendants to bear your name.
I will destroy the images and idols
    that are in the temple of your gods.
I will prepare your grave,
    for you are vile.”

15 Look, there on the mountains,
    the feet of one who brings good news,
    who proclaims peace!
Celebrate your festivals, Judah,
    and fulfill your vows.
No more will the wicked invade you;
    they will be completely destroyed.[a]


  1. Nahum 1:15 In Hebrew texts this verse (1:15) is numbered 2:1.
New International Version (NIV)

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