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Numbers 35:24-26 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

24 and this is proved, the people hearing (and this is proven before the people), and the question of the blood, or death, is discussed betwixt the smiter and the kinsman of him that is slain,

25 the innocent (man) shall be delivered from the hand of the venger (of the blood), and by sentence of judges he shall be led again into the city, to which he fled, and he shall dwell there, till the great priest die, which is anointed with [holy] oil. (the guiltless person, that is, he who killed unintentionally, shall be rescued from the hand of the avenger of the blood, and by the sentence of the judges he shall be brought again to the city, to which he fled, and he shall live there until the High Priest, who is anointed with holy oil, hath died.)

26 If the slayer is found without the coasts of the cities that be assigned to exiled men, (But if the killer is found anywhere outside the cities of refuge,)


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