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Numbers 28:3-8 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

Each Morning and Evening. You will tell them therefore: This is the oblation which you will offer to the Lord: two unblemished yearling lambs each day as the regular burnt offering,[a] offering one lamb in the morning and the other during the evening twilight, each with a grain offering of one tenth of an ephah of bran flour mixed with a fourth of a hin of oil of crushed olives.[b] This is the regular burnt offering that was made at Mount Sinai for a pleasing aroma, an oblation to the Lord. And as the libation for the first lamb, you will make a libation to the Lord in the sanctuary[c] of a fourth of a hin of strong drink. The other lamb you will offer during the evening twilight, making the same grain offering and the same libation as in the morning, as an oblation of pleasing aroma to the Lord.


  1. 28:3 The regular burnt offering: “the tamid burnt offering,” the technical term for the daily sacrifice. The lambs—as well as the goats for the purification offering (vv. 15, 22, 30)—are all specified as males.
  2. 28:5 Oil of crushed olives: this oil, probably made in a mortar, was purer and more expensive than oil extracted in the olive press.
  3. 28:7 In the sanctuary: i.e., the tent of meeting. But according to Sir 50:15, the libation was poured at the base of the outer altar.
New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

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