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Proverbs 14:31-33 The Passion Translation (TPT)

31 Insult your Creator, will you?
    That’s exactly what you do
    every time you oppress the powerless![a]
    Showing kindness to the poor is equal to honoring your maker.
32 The wicked are crushed by every calamity,
    but the righteous find a strong hope
    in the time of death.[b]
33 Wisdom soothes the heart of the one with living-understanding,
    but the heart of the fool just stockpiles stupidity.


  1. 14:31 Or “slander the poor.” Every human being is made in God’s image, including the poor.
  2. 14:32 As translated from the Masoretic Text. Our strong hope is that our lives will continue in the presence of God in the resurrection glory. Both the Septuagint and the Aramaic read quite differently: “but the righteous have a refuge in their integrity.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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