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Proverbs 28 Expanded Bible (EXB)

28 Evil people ·run [flee] ·even though [or when] no one ·is chasing [pursues] them [Lev. 26:17, 36],
but ·good [righteous] people are as ·brave [confident] as a lion.

When a country ·is lawless [or rebels; or transgresses], it has ·one ruler after another [or many rulers/leaders];
but when it is led by a ·leader [L person] with understanding, it ·continues strong [or has lasting order].

·Rulers [or Poor people] who ·mistreat [oppress] the poor
are like a hard rain that ·destroys the crops [washes away the food].

Those who ·disobey what they have been taught [forsake/abandon instruction/law] praise the wicked,
but those who ·obey what they have been taught [guard instruction/law] ·are against [battle] them.

Evil people do not understand justice,
but those who ·follow [seek] the Lord understand ·it completely [or everything].

It is better to be poor and ·innocent [walk blamelessly]
than to be rich and ·wicked [L be on crooked paths].

Children who ·obey what they have been taught [protect instruction/law] are wise,
but friends of ·troublemakers [or gluttons] disgrace their parents [Deut. 28:18–21].

Some people get rich by ·overcharging others [L interest and surcharge; Ex. 22:25; Deut. 23:20],
but their wealth will be given to those who are ·kind [gracious] to the poor.

If you ·refuse to obey [turn your ear away from] ·what you have been taught [L hearing instruction],
your prayers will ·not be heard [be detested/an abomination].

10 Those who lead ·good [virtuous] people to ·do wrong [L go on an evil path]
    will ·be ruined by their own evil [L fall into their own pit],
but the ·innocent [blameless] will ·be rewarded with [L inherit] good things.

11 Rich people may ·think they are wise [L be wise in their own eyes],
but the poor with understanding will ·prove them wrong [see through them].

12 When ·good [righteous] people ·triumph [or rejoice], there is great happiness,
but when the wicked ·get control [L rise up], everybody hides.

13 If you hide your sins, you will not succeed.
If you confess and ·reject [abandon] them, you will receive ·mercy [compassion].

14 Those who ·are always respectful [or always fear the Lord; L always fear] will be ·happy [blessed],
but those ·who are stubborn [L whose hearts are hard] will get into trouble.

15 A wicked ruler over poor people is
like a ·roaring [growling] lion or a ·charging [prowling] bear [C dangerous or frightening].

16 A ·ruler [prince] without ·wisdom [understanding] will be cruel,
but the one who ·refuses to take [hates] ·dishonest money [unjust gain/profit] will ·rule [or live] a long time.

17 Don’t help those who are ·guilty of [oppressed/burdened by] murder;
let them ·run [flee] ·until they die [L to the pit/grave; Gen. 9:5–6].

18 ·Innocent people [L Those who walk in innocence/blamelessness] will be ·kept safe [saved],
but those who ·are dishonest [twist paths] will ·suddenly be ruined [L fall in one; C perhaps a pit or the grave].

19 Those who work their land will have plenty of food,
but the ones who ·chase empty dreams instead [L pursue emptiness] will end up poor.

20 A ·truthful [reliable] person will have many blessings,
but those ·eager to get rich [or with get-rich-quick schemes] will be punished.

21 It is not good ·for a judge to take sides [to show favoritism/partiality; L to recognize faces],
but some will ·sin [transgress; do wrong] for only a piece of bread.

22 ·Selfish [Stingy] people are in a hurry to get rich
and do not ·realize [know] they soon will be poor.

23 Those who correct others will later ·be liked [find favor]
more than those who ·give false praise [L have a flattering tongue].

24 Whoever robs father or mother
    and says, “It’s not ·wrong [a crime],”
is ·just like someone who destroys things [or friends with thugs; Ex. 20:12].

25 A greedy person ·causes trouble [L stirs up conflict],
but the one who trusts the Lord will ·succeed [escape].

26 Those who trust in ·themselves [L their own hearts] are foolish,
but those who ·live wisely [L walk in wisdom] will be ·kept safe [or refreshed].

27 Whoever gives to the poor will ·have everything he needs [L lack nothing],
but the one who ·ignores [turns a blind eye to] the poor will receive many curses.

28 When the wicked ·get control [rise up], everybody hides,
but when they ·die [are destroyed], ·good [righteous] people ·do well [or multiply; increase].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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