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Proverbs 7 Expanded Bible (EXB)

The Woman of Adultery

My son, ·remember what I say [guard my speech], and ·treasure [store/hide in you] my commands.

·Obey [Guard] my commands, and you will live.
    Guard my ·teachings [instructions] ·as you would your own [L like the apple of your] eyes.
·Remind yourself of them [L Bind them on your fingers];
    write them on your heart as if on a tablet.
·Treat wisdom as a sister [L Say to Wisdom, “You are my sister”; 1:20–33; 8:1—9:6],
    and ·make understanding your closest friend [L call Understanding “Friend”].
·Wisdom and understanding [L She] will ·keep you away [guard you] from ·adultery [L the strange woman],
    away from the ·unfaithful wife [L foreign woman] and her ·pleasing [flattering] words.

Once while I was at the window of my house
    I looked out through the ·shutters [lattice; curtains]
and saw some ·foolish [simpleminded; immature; naive], young men.
    I noticed one of them ·had no wisdom [had no sense; L lacked heart].
He was ·walking down [crossing] the street near the corner
    on the road leading to her house.
It was the twilight of the evening;
    the darkness of the night was just beginning.
10 Then the woman ·approached [or propositioned] him,
    dressed like a prostitute
    and ·planning to trick him [L with a guarded heart].
11 She was ·loud [boisterous; noisy] and ·stubborn [defiant]
    and ·never stayed at [L her feet do not rest in her own] home.
12 ·She was always out [L A foot] in the streets ·or in [L a foot in] the city squares,
    ·waiting around [lurking] on the corners of the streets.
13 She grabbed him and kissed him.
    ·Without shame [L Her face was brazen as] she said to him,
14 “I made my fellowship offering [Lev. 3; 7:11–21; C the offerer ate the meat of the offering].
    Today I have ·kept [paid back] my ·special promises [vows].
15 So I have come out to meet you;
    I have been ·looking for you [L seeking your face] and have found you.
16 I have ·covered [ornamented] my bed
    with colored sheets from Egypt.
17 I have ·made my bed smell sweet [L sprinkled my bed]
    with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.
18 Come, let’s ·make [be intoxicated with] love until morning.
    Let’s ·enjoy each other’s [rejoice in] love.
19 My husband is not home;
    he has gone on a ·long [faraway] trip.
20 He took a ·lot of money with him [L pouch of money in his hand]
    and won’t be home ·for weeks [L until the new moon].”
21 By her clever words she ·made him give in [seduces him];
    by ·her pleasing words [L the flattery of her lips] she ·led him into doing wrong [persuades/compels him].
22 All at once he followed her,
    like an ox led to the ·butcher [slaughter],
like a ·deer caught in a trap [or fool to the stocks]
23     ·and shot through the liver with an arrow [until an arrow pierces his liver].
Like a bird ·caught in [L hurrying to] a trap,
he didn’t know ·what he did would kill him [it would cost him his life].

24 Now, my sons, listen to me;
    pay attention to ·what I say [L the speech of my mouth].
25 Don’t ·let yourself be tricked by such a woman [L turn your heart to her paths];
    don’t ·go where she leads you [wander onto her paths].
26 She has ·ruined many good men [L caused many corpses to fall],
    and many ·have died because of her [are those she has killed].
27 Her house is on the ·road [path] to ·death [L Sheol; C the grave or the underworld],
    ·the road that leads down to the grave [L going down to the chambers of death].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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