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Psalm 56:5-6 New English Translation (NET Bible)

All day long they cause me trouble;[a]
they make a habit of plotting my demise.[b]
They stalk[c] and lurk;[d]
they watch my every step,[e]
as[f] they prepare to take my life.[g]


  1. Psalm 56:5 tn Heb “my affairs they disturb.” For other instances of דָּבָר (davar) meaning “affairs, business,” see BDB 183 s.v.. The Piel of עָצַב (ʿatsav, “to hurt”) occurs only here and in Isa 63:10, where it is used of “grieving” (or “offending”) the Lord’s holy Spirit. Here in Ps 56:5, the verb seems to carry the nuance “disturb, upset,” in the sense of “cause trouble.”
  2. Psalm 56:5 tn Heb “against me [are] all their thoughts for harm.”
  3. Psalm 56:6 tn The verb is from the root גּוּר (gur), which means “to challenge, attack” in Isa 54:15 and “to stalk” (with hostile intent) in Ps 59:3.
  4. Psalm 56:6 tn Or “hide.”
  5. Psalm 56:6 tn Heb “my heels.”
  6. Psalm 56:6 tn Heb “according to,” in the sense of “inasmuch as; since,” or “when; while.”
  7. Psalm 56:6 tn Heb “they wait [for] my life.”
New English Translation (NET)

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