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Psalm 36 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Wicked People and a Good God

For the director of music. Of David, the servant of the Lord.

36 ·Sin speaks to the wicked in their hearts [L Oracle/Decree of transgression to the wicked in the midst of their heart].
    They have no ·fear [terror] of God [Prov. 1:7; Rom. 3:18].
They ·think too much of themselves [L flatter themselves in their own eyes]
    so they don’t ·see [discover; find] their sin and ·hate [or change] it.
·Their words [L The words of their mouth] are ·wicked lies [mischief and deceit];
    they ·are no longer wise or good [L have stopped being wise/insightful in order to do good].
·At night [L In their bed] they make evil plans;
    ·what they do leads to nothing [L they are set on a way that does no] good.
They don’t ·refuse [reject] things that are evil.

Lord, your ·love [loyalty; covenant love] ·reaches [extends] to the heavens,
    your ·loyalty [faithfulness] to the skies.
Your ·goodness [righteousness] is like the mighty mountains [C majestic].
    Your ·justice [judgment] is like the great ocean [C deep].
Lord, you ·protect [save] both people and animals.
God, ·your love is so precious [L how precious is your loyalty/covenant love?]!
    You ·protect [provide refuge for] people in the shadow of your wings.
They ·eat [feast on; are filled with] ·the rich food [L from the fat/abundance] in your house,
    and you let them drink from your river of ·pleasure [delights].
You are the ·giver [L fountain] of life.
    ·Your light lets us enjoy life [L In your light we see light].

10 Continue to ·love [show loyalty/covenant love to] those who know you
    and ·to do good [L your good/righteousness] to those who are ·good [upright/virtuous in heart].
11 Don’t let ·proud people attack me [L the foot of the arrogant come near me]
    ·and the wicked [L or the hand of the wicked] ·force [drive] me away.
12 Those who do evil ·have been defeated [L fall there].
    They are overwhelmed;
they cannot ·do evil any longer [L arise again].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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