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Psalm 37:23-25 New English Translation (NET Bible)

23 The Lord grants success to the one
whose behavior he finds commendable.[a]
24 Even if[b] he trips, he will not fall headlong,[c]
for the Lord holds[d] his hand.
25 I was once young, now I am old.
I have never seen the godly abandoned,
or their children[e] forced to search for food.[f]


  1. Psalm 37:23 tn Heb “from the Lord the steps of a man are established, and in his way he delights.” The second line qualifies the first. The man whose behavior is commendable in God’s sight is the one whose ways are established by God. Another option is that the second line refers to the godly man delighting in God’s “way,” namely the lifestyle which he prescribes for men. In this case one might translate, “The Lord grants success to the one who desires to obey his commands.”
  2. Psalm 37:24 tn Other translation options for כִּי (ki) in this context are “when” (so NASB) or “though” (so NEB, NIV, NRSV).
  3. Psalm 37:24 tn Heb “be hurled down.”
  4. Psalm 37:24 tn The active participle indicates this is characteristically true. See v. 17.
  5. Psalm 37:25 tn Or “offspring”; Heb “seed.”
  6. Psalm 37:25 tn Heb “or his offspring searching for food.” The expression “search for food” also appears in Lam 1:11, where Jerusalem’s refugees are forced to search for food and to trade their valuable possessions for something to eat.
New English Translation (NET)

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