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Psalm 5:8-10 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

Lord, lead thou forth me in thy rightwiseness for mine enemies; (ad)dress thou my way in thy sight. (Lord, lead thou me forth in thy righteousness, because my enemies be all around me; direct thou my way before thee/direct thou me along thy way.)

For truth is not in their mouth; their heart is vain. Their throat is an open sepulchre, they did guilefully with their tongues; (For truth is not in their mouths; their hearts be empty. Their throats be an open tomb, or an open grave, and everything they say is deceitful, or corrupt;)

10 God, deem thou them. Fall they down from their thoughts; after the multitude of their wickednesses, or unpiousnesses, cast thou them down; for, Lord, they have stirred thee to wrath. (God, judge thou them. Let them fall by their own thoughts; throw thou them down after all their wickednesses; for, Lord, they have rebelled against thee.)


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