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Psalm 138 Expanded Bible (EXB)

A Hymn of Thanksgiving

A psalm of David.

138 Lord, I will ·thank [praise] you with all my heart;
    I will ·sing [make a psalm] to you before the gods.
I will bow down facing your holy Temple,
    and I will ·thank [praise] ·you [L your name] for your ·love [loyalty] and ·loyalty [faithfulness].
You have ·made your name and your word
    greater than anything [L exalted your word above all your name].
On the day I ·called [prayed] to you, you answered me.
    You ·made me strong and brave [L have emboldened/encouraged my soul with strength].

Lord, let all the kings of the earth ·praise [thank] you
    when they hear the words ·you speak [L of your mouth].
They will sing about ·what the Lord has done [L the way of the Lord],
    because the Lord’s glory [C his manifest presence] is great.

Though the Lord is ·supreme [exalted],
    he ·takes care of [looks on] ·those who are humble [the lowly],
    but he ·stays away from the proud [L perceives the proud from far away].
Lord, ·even when I have trouble all around me [L if I walk in the midst of distress],
    you will keep me alive.
When my enemies are angry,
    you will ·reach down [L send out your hand] and save me by your ·power [L right hand].
Lord, you ·do everything [fulfill/accomplish your plan] for me.
    Lord, your ·love [loyalty] continues forever.
Do not ·leave [abandon; forsake] us, ·whom you made [L the work of your hands].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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