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Psalm 17 Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

Psalm 17

My Righteous Plea

A prayer by David.

David’s Righteousness

Hear my righteous plea, O Lord.
Pay attention to my outcry.
Turn your ear to my prayer, which is not offered by deceitful lips.
May a just verdict for me come from you.
May your eyes observe the things that are right.
You have tested my heart.
You have visited me at night.
You have refined me;
you have found nothing wrong.
I resolved that my mouth will not overstep its bounds.
As for the deeds of people:
    by the words from your lips
    I have kept myself from the ways of the violent.
Keep my footsteps on your paths.
My steps have not slipped.

God’s Love

Indeed, I call to you because you will answer me, O God.
Turn your ear toward me. Hear what I say.
Perform wonders through your mercy.
By your right hand save those who seek refuge
    from those who rise up against them.
Guard me like the pupil of your eye.[a]
In the shadow of your wings hide me
    from the wicked who try to destroy me,
    from those enemies of my life who surround me.

The Enemies’ Ruthlessness

10 Their hearts are calloused.[b]
Their mouths speak arrogantly.
11 Now they surround our steps.
They watch us to throw us to the ground.
12 He is like a lion that is eager to tear,
like a young lion crouching in its hiding place.
13 Rise, O Lord. Confront him. Bring him down.
Save my life from the wicked by your sword.
14 Save me from such men by your hand, O Lord,
from men of this world, whose reward is in this life.

Closing Confidence

14b But you fill the stomachs of those whom you treasure.[c]
Their children are satisfied,
and they leave their wealth to their children.
15 Indeed, in righteousness I will view your face.
When I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness.


  1. Psalm 17:8 Traditionally the apple of your eye
  2. Psalm 17:10 Literally they close their fat
  3. Psalm 17:14 Many translations join verse 14b with the first part of verse 14, understanding it as an observation about the worldly prosperity of the ungodly. They translate with your treasure you fill their stomachs.
Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

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