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Psalm 2 Expanded Bible (EXB)

The Lord’s Chosen King

Why ·are the nations so angry [do the nations rage/or conspire]?
    Why ·are the people making useless plans [do the people plot in vain]?
The kings of the earth ·prepare to fight [L take their stand],
    and their leaders ·make plans [plot] together
against the Lord
    and his ·appointed one [anointed; Messiah; C the king, ultimately Jesus; Acts 4:25–28].
They say, “Let’s break ·the chains that hold us back [L their chains/bonds]
    and throw off ·the ropes that tie us down [L their ropes/cords from us].”

But the one who sits in heaven [C God] laughs;
    the Lord ·makes fun of [ridicules; derides] them.
Then the Lord ·warns them [L speaks to them in anger]
    and frightens them with his ·anger [fury].
He says, “I have ·appointed [installed; set] my own king
    over my holy mountain, Zion [C the location of the Temple in Jerusalem; 9:11; 48:2, 11; 50:2; 1 Kin. 8:1].”

Now I will ·tell [recount to] you what the Lord has ·declared [decreed]:

He said to me, “You are my son.
    Today I have become your father [2 Sam. 7:14; Matt. 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22; Acts 13:32–33; Heb. 1:5].
·If you ask me [L Ask of me], I will give you the nations as your inheritance;
    all the ·people on [L ends of the] earth will be ·yours [L your possession].
You will rule over them with an iron ·rod [scepter; C a symbol of royal authority; Rev. 12:5; 19:15].
    You will ·break [dash] them into pieces like pottery.”

10 ·So [Now], kings, be wise;
    ·rulers [L rulers/judges of the earth], ·learn this lesson [be warned].
11 ·Obey [Serve] the Lord with great fear.
    ·Be happy [Rejoice], ·but tremble [L with trembling].
12 ·Show that you are loyal to his [L Kiss the] son,
    or ·you will be destroyed by his anger [L he will be angry and you will perish on the way],
because he can quickly become angry.
    But ·happy [blessed] are those who ·trust him for protection [find refuge in him].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

The Expanded Bible, Copyright © 2011 Thomas Nelson Inc. All rights reserved.


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