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Psalm 38 Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

Psalm 38

Do Not Rebuke Me in Your Anger

A psalm by David. To bring to remembrance.

Opening Plea

Lord, do not rebuke me in anger.
Do not discipline me in wrath.

The Greatness of David’s Burden

Indeed, your arrows have stuck in me.
Your hand has come down on me.
There is no health in my flesh because of your rage.
There is no wellness in my bones because of my sin,
because my guilt has gone over my head.
Like a heavy burden, it is too heavy for me.
My wounds stink and ooze because of my folly.
I am drooping. I am completely bent over.
All day long I go around mourning.
Even my back burns with pain.[a]
My whole body[b] is unhealthy.
I have become numb. I am totally crushed.
I groan loudly because of my anxious thoughts.

Lord, all my needs lie before you.
My sighs are not hidden from you.

10 My heart beats quickly. My strength leaves me.
Even the light of my eyes is gone from me.
11 My loved ones and my friends stand far away
    because of the blow I have suffered.
My neighbors stand at a distance.
12 Those who pursue my life set traps.
Those who seek to harm me talk about my ruin.
All day long they plot deception.
13 I am deaf. I cannot hear.
Like a mute person, I cannot open my mouth.
14 I am like a man who cannot hear.
No response comes from his mouth.

David’s Confidence of Delivery

15 Yet I wait for you, Lord.
You will answer, O Lord my God.
16 So I said, “Do not let them celebrate because of me.
Do not let them gloat when my foot slips.”
17 Look! I am about to fall,
and I am always in pain,
18 so I declare my guilt,
and I am troubled by my sin.
19 My aggressive enemies are numerous.
Those who hate me for no reason are many.
20 Those who repay evil for good
    slander me because I pursue what is good.

Closing Plea

21 Do not forsake me, O Lord.
My God, do not be far from me.
22 Hurry to help me, O Lord, my salvation.


  1. Psalm 38:7 Or my body burns with fever
  2. Psalm 38:7 Literally my flesh
Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

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