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Psalm 49 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Trusting Money Is Foolish

For the director of music. A psalm of the sons of Korah [C descendants of Kohath, son of Levi, who served as Temple musicians; 1 Chr. 6:22].

49 Listen to this, all you ·nations [peoples];
    ·listen [L give ear], all you who live on earth.
Listen, both ·great [high] and ·small [low],
    rich and poor together.
·What I say is wise [L My mouth speaks wisdom],
    and ·my heart speaks with [L the meditation of my heart is] understanding.
I will ·pay attention [extend my ear] to a ·wise saying [proverb];
    I will ·explain [solve] my riddle on the ·harp [lyre].

Why should I ·be afraid of [fear] ·bad [evil] days?
    ·Why should I fear when evil people […when the guilt of deceivers/the treacherous] surround me?
They ·trust [find refuge] in their ·money [wealth]
    and ·brag [boast] about their riches.
No one can ·buy back [ransom; redeem] the life of ·another [or a brother].
    No one can ·pay [L give a ransom to] God for his own life,
because the ·price [ransom; redemption] of a life is ·high [precious].
    No payment is ever enough.
Do people live forever?
    Don’t they all ·face death [L see the Pit; 16:10]?

10 See, even wise people die.
    Fools and stupid people also ·die [perish; Eccl. 2:12–16]
    and ·leave [abandon; forsake] their wealth to others.
11 Their graves will ·always [forever] be their homes.
    ·They will live there from now on [L …their dwelling to all generations],
    even though they named places after themselves.
12 Even rich people do not ·live forever [abide];
    like the animals, people ·die [perish; Eccl. 3:19].

13 This is ·what will happen to [L the way/path for] those who trust in themselves
    and ·to their followers [or the end of those; L after them] who ·believe them [L are pleased with their mouth]. ·Selah [Interlude]
14 Like sheep, they ·must die [L head to Sheol; C the grave or the underworld],
    and death will be their shepherd.
·Honest [Virtuous; Upright] people will ·rule [have dominion] over them in the morning,
    and their bodies will ·rot in a grave [waste away in Sheol] far from ·home [their grand homes].
15 But God will ·save [ransom; redeem] my life
    and will take me from ·the grave [or the underworld; L Sheol; v. 14]. ·Selah [Interlude]

16 Don’t be afraid of ·rich [wealthy] people
    because their houses are more ·beautiful [or substantial].
17 They don’t take anything ·to the grave [when they die];
    their ·wealth [substance] won’t go down with them.
18 Even though they were ·praised [blessed] when they were alive—
    and people may praise you when you ·succeed [do well]
19 they will go to where their ancestors are [C the grave].
    They will never see light again.
20 Rich people with no understanding
    are just like animals that ·die [perish].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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