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Psalm 80 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

Psalm 80[a]

Prayer to Restore God’s Vineyard

For the leader; according to “Lilies.” Eduth.[b] A psalm of Asaph.


O Shepherd of Israel, lend an ear,
    you who guide Joseph like a flock!
Seated upon the cherubim, shine forth
    upon Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh.
Stir up your power, and come to save us.
    O God, restore us;
    light up your face and we shall be saved.


Lord of hosts,
    how long will you smolder in anger
    while your people pray?
You have fed them the bread of tears,
    made them drink tears in great measure.[c]
You have left us to be fought over by our neighbors;
    our enemies deride us.
O God of hosts, restore us;
    light up your face and we shall be saved.


You brought a vine[d] out of Egypt;
    you drove out nations and planted it.
10 You cleared out what was before it;
    it took deep root and filled the land.
11 The mountains were covered by its shadow,
    the cedars of God by its branches.
12 It sent out its boughs as far as the sea,[e]
    its shoots as far as the river.
13 Why have you broken down its walls,
    so that all who pass along the way pluck its fruit?
14 The boar from the forest strips the vine;
    the beast of the field feeds upon it.
15 Turn back again, God of hosts;
    look down from heaven and see;
Visit this vine,
16     the stock your right hand has planted,
    and the son[f] whom you made strong for yourself.
17 Those who would burn or cut it down—
    may they perish at your rebuke.
18 May your hand be with the man on your right,[g]
    with the son of man whom you made strong for yourself.
19 Then we will not withdraw from you;
    revive us, and we will call on your name.
20 Lord God of hosts, restore us;
    light up your face and we shall be saved.


  1. Psalm 80 A community lament in time of military defeat. Using the familiar image of Israel as a vineyard, the people complain that God has broken down the wall protecting the once splendid vine brought from Egypt (Ps 80:9–14). They pray that God will again turn to them and use the Davidic king to lead them to victory (Ps 80:15–19).
  2. 80:1 Lilies…. Eduth: the first term is probably the title of the melody to which the Psalm was to be sung; the second is unexplained.
  3. 80:6 Both the Septuagint and the Vulgate translate this verse in the first person, i.e., “You have fed us the bread of tears.”
  4. 80:9 A vine: a frequent metaphor for Israel, cf. Is 5:1–7; 27:2–5; Jer 2:21; Hos 10:1; Mt 21:33.
  5. 80:12 The sea: the Mediterranean. The river: the Euphrates, cf. Gn 15:18; 1 Kgs 5:1. The terms may also have a mythic nuance—the seas that surround the earth; sea and river are sometimes paralleled in poetry.
  6. 80:16 The Vulgate and Septuagint use “son of man.”
  7. 80:18 The man on your right: the Davidic king who will lead the army in battle.
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Psalm 80 New International Version (NIV)

Psalm 80[a]

For the director of music. To the tune of “The Lilies of the Covenant.” Of Asaph. A psalm.

Hear us, Shepherd of Israel,
    you who lead Joseph like a flock.
You who sit enthroned between the cherubim,
    shine forth before Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh.
Awaken your might;
    come and save us.

Restore us, O God;
    make your face shine on us,
    that we may be saved.

How long, Lord God Almighty,
    will your anger smolder
    against the prayers of your people?
You have fed them with the bread of tears;
    you have made them drink tears by the bowlful.
You have made us an object of derision[b] to our neighbors,
    and our enemies mock us.

Restore us, God Almighty;
    make your face shine on us,
    that we may be saved.

You transplanted a vine from Egypt;
    you drove out the nations and planted it.
You cleared the ground for it,
    and it took root and filled the land.
10 The mountains were covered with its shade,
    the mighty cedars with its branches.
11 Its branches reached as far as the Sea,[c]
    its shoots as far as the River.[d]

12 Why have you broken down its walls
    so that all who pass by pick its grapes?
13 Boars from the forest ravage it,
    and insects from the fields feed on it.
14 Return to us, God Almighty!
    Look down from heaven and see!
Watch over this vine,
15     the root your right hand has planted,
    the son[e] you have raised up for yourself.

16 Your vine is cut down, it is burned with fire;
    at your rebuke your people perish.
17 Let your hand rest on the man at your right hand,
    the son of man you have raised up for yourself.
18 Then we will not turn away from you;
    revive us, and we will call on your name.

19 Restore us, Lord God Almighty;
    make your face shine on us,
    that we may be saved.


  1. Psalm 80:1 In Hebrew texts 80:1-19 is numbered 80:2-20.
  2. Psalm 80:6 Probable reading of the original Hebrew text; Masoretic Text contention
  3. Psalm 80:11 Probably the Mediterranean
  4. Psalm 80:11 That is, the Euphrates
  5. Psalm 80:15 Or branch
New International Version (NIV)

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