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Kehillah in Rome 3:24-25 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

24 They are acquitted and accounted to be YITZDAK IM HASHEM as a matnat Hashem (gift of G-d) by the unmerited Chen v’Chesed Hashem (grace of G-d) through HaPedut (the ransom, the payment of ransom for the Geulah redemption—Shmuel Bais 7:23 that comes about through the Go’el Moshiach Tzidkeinu) which is in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua,

25 Whom G-d set forth as a kapporah (that which propitiates G-d’s wrath; cf the sa’ir l’azazel in Lv 16:22 and Isa 53:12 paying the onesh for sin) through emunah (faith) in the DAHM ("blood" Gen 22:7; Ex 12:3,6; Isa 53:7,10) of Moshiach, to demonstrate the Tzedek Olamim, the Tzidkat Hashem (righteousness of G-d) in pasach (passing over, letting go the penalty of) the averos (sins) committed in former times

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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