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Zechariah 1:14-17 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

Oracular Response. 14 The angel who spoke with me then said to me, Proclaim: Thus says the Lord of hosts:

I am jealous for Jerusalem
    and for Zion[a] intensely jealous.
15 I am consumed with anger
    toward the complacent nations;[b]
When I was only a little angry,
    they compounded the disaster.
16 Therefore, thus says the Lord:
I return to Jerusalem in mercy;
    my house[c] will be rebuilt there—oracle of the Lord of hosts—
    and a measuring line will be stretched over Jerusalem.
17 Proclaim further: Thus says the Lord of hosts:
My cities will again overflow with prosperity;
    the Lord will again comfort Zion,
    and will again choose Jerusalem.


  1. 1:14 For Jerusalem and for Zion: rather than the usual order, Zion and Jerusalem, elsewhere in the Bible. The reversal highlights the centrality of Jerusalem, which is mentioned in all three of the brief oracles of 1:14–17.
  2. 1:15 Complacent nations: probably a reference to the Persian empire, which in its imperial extent included many national groups that maintained separate identities. Compounded the disaster: the surrounding nations took advantage of the Lord’s anger against Judah to further their own interests.
  3. 1:16 My house: the Temple. See note on Hg 1:4. Measuring line: a builder’s string, not for devastation, as in Is 34:11, but for reconstruction.
New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

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