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Isaiah 33:9 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The land[a] dries up[b] and withers away;
the forest of Lebanon shrivels up[c] and decays.
Sharon[d] is like the arid rift valley;[e]
Bashan and Carmel[f] are parched.[g]


  1. Isaiah 33:9 tn Or “earth” (KJV); NAB “the country.”
  2. Isaiah 33:9 tn Or “mourns” (BDB 5 s.v. I אָבַל). HALOT 6-7 lists homonyms I אבל (“mourn”) and II אבל (“dry up”). They propose the second here on the basis of parallelism. See 24:4.
  3. Isaiah 33:9 tn Heb “Lebanon is ashamed.” The Hiphil is exhibitive, expressing the idea, “exhibits shame.” In this context the statement alludes to the withering of vegetation.
  4. Isaiah 33:9 sn Sharon was a fertile plain along the Mediterranean coast. See 35:2.
  5. Isaiah 33:9 tn The rift valley (עֲרָבָה, ʿaravah) is a geographic feature extending from Galilee to the Gulf of Aqaba. Especially in the vicinity of the Dead Sea and then ranging southward, it is very dry with little vegetation.
  6. Isaiah 33:9 sn Both of these areas were known for their trees and vegetation. See 2:13; 35:2.
  7. Isaiah 33:9 tn Heb “shake off [their leaves]” (so ASV, NRSV); NAB “are stripped bare.”
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