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Isaiah 30:5-7 The Passion Translation (TPT)

all will be put to shame because of such unreliable people.
    They can offer you no help, only shame and disgrace!”

This is a prophecy of the desert animals:

The burden of the caravan is to
    traverse a desert land[a] of distress and trouble,
    a land of the lion and lioness, the snake and the fiery flying one![b]
    They carry their riches on the donkey’s back
    and their treasures on the camel’s hump
    to a nation that will give them nothing in return!
Egypt’s help is utterly worthless;
    that’s why I nicknamed her
    Rahab, the Do-Nothing Dragon.[c]


  1. Isaiah 30:6 Or possibly a title: “A burden (oracle) of the animals of the Negev.” The caravan, with its beasts of burden, was likely carrying the resources to pay for Egypt’s aid. God had once led them through that desert, bringing them into the promised land. Now they trek the other direction in the desert, looking for help but not from Father God. See Deut. 8:15; Jer. 2:6.
  2. Isaiah 30:6 Or “seraph.”
  3. Isaiah 30:7 Rahab is used as a poetic term both for a mythical sea monster and for Egypt. See Ps. 87:4; 89:10; Isa. 51:9.
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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